Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy And Process For Publishing An Article

The ideas for articles are taken from our real architecture projects. We have to understand that acoustic design is a fundamental part of an architectural project and has to be considered already at blueprint phase and as a line item in the work breakdown structure of a project. Also we have requests from readers in the social networks who have aftermarket requirements such as how to soundproof my basement or how to avoid hearing traffic noise.

The products reviewed are products that one of us has utilized in an actual soundproofing project. For this reason, you will see that we just mention a few products in an article while there are dozens of products available for each soundproofing initiative.

When we have not used a product, we may include it in the review if we notice that can replace another good product, if it has excellent reviews, or if it is in a very good and affordable price. We will describe the product and explain that we have not actually used it but nevertheless considering interesting its inclusion within the roster of recomended products.

There are two writers who normally write the majority of the articles. One of them reviews the article written by the other and checks the outbound links and ensure that they correspond to legitimate sources.

After that, the article is uploaded for proofreading to a freelance contractor. This freelancer is not an architect or a soundproofing specialist. He will only check that the grammar is fine. That final document is published as an article afterwards.